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FOSS: Free and Open Source Software

I'm a big fan of Open Source applications. Here you'll find some that I use (and like!) on a regular basis.

Don't forget to give back to the FOSS community by contributing (one way or another).
It is the only way to make things change and evolve..



Powerful application for vector drawing and illustration.
I use it quite a bit and all my maps are made with it.

Official website:



A very flexible and powerful CMS for your websites.
MODX doesn't just work as a CMS, it also can be used as a framework.

Check it out here:

Be aware that although MODX is user friendly, it does require that you have a knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP to fully exploit it.


Who doesn't know GIMP yet?
Full image/picture editor that can be used in a pro environment.

Once you use it, you'll probably ditch the other ones (Photoshop, Corel, etc...)

Find out more:


This fantastic software can be used by families, amateurs and professionals!

If you have pictures from the last years (decades?) on your computer and never got the time/will to sort them out or at least organise them, maybe you should give it a go.
digiKam makes it easy to sort, organise, edit, tag, export, import, etc... all types of pictures.

Go here and don't look back:


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